NOW System: Wrinkle free & Easy iron

Experience the innovative wrinkle-free effect and easy ironing.

L’esclusivo trattamento di finissaggio dona ai tessuti un effetto antipiega che permette alla tua camicia di essere impeccabile per tutto il giorno. Da una giornata in ufficio ad una cena con gli amici il tuo look sarà sempre perfetto.

This special treatment is reserved for 100% pure cotton fabrics, This special treatment is reserved for 100% pure cotton fabrics, which in addition to maintaining its classic qualities such as softness and lightness, has the ability to keep the fibre unaltered, avoiding the formation of creases and wrinkles. .

The innovative construction of this fabric with NOW System allows you to have a garment with less seams in order to avoid tension in the fabric, which tends to always return to a relaxed, crease-free position and to ensure a increased comfort when in contact with the skin.
the brightness natural colors and the functionality demanded by modern man is what Black Label wants to ensure with this new line.

In addition, this particular production process allows your garment to be easier to iron. It is recommended, immediately after washing in the washing machine, (preferably without spin drying) to let it dry on a hanger.

GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard

The sustainable Black Label collection offers a range of high-quality shirts in GOTS certified organic cotton e natural linen for a style environmentally conscious .
The production of GOTS certified items. Favors saving water, energy, less use of chemical pesticides and it's completely traceable

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), is recognized as the most important standard for the sustainable production of garments and textile products;
Developed by leading international organizations in organic farming Guarantees high quality organic textile products, obtained in the compliance with stringent environmental and social criteria at all levels of production, from the harvesting in the fields of natural fibers to the subsequent manufacturing stages and the labeling of the finished product.

BCI: Better Cotton Initiative

Black Label has chosen to be part of this global community Buying from authorized retailers BCI-certified sustainable cotton to ensure a product eco-friendly and of quality to its customer

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), is a nonprofit organization that promotes the world's largest cotton sustainability program.
the ;BCI aims to fundamentally change production through cotton, combating the many negative impacts of cotton cultivation and processing a program of farmer involvement and education.
It uses an holistic approach toward cotton cultivation by covering three main pillars of the
sustainability, social and economic Under the following four objectives:
- Ensure respect for the biodiversity of all environmental territories;
- Encourage water conservation;
- Reduce the use of pesticides;
- Respect workers' rights.


Another concept behind sustainable fashion is that everyone can have economic access to it; Black Label, in fact, through its deep experience of the textile industry, Ensures a high-quality product at an affordable price.

in addition to the fabrics, all Black Label accessories are also environmentally sustainable:
removable splints, inner and under collar are made from 100% recycledPET, the buttons from natural river shell, the tags explaining the treatments and type of shirt chosen, and finally the packaging used for home delivery is made from 100% recycled paper.

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Black Label's green policy aims to raise awareness, accelerate change Guiding fashion toward a more sustainable horizon.

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